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Easy No-Gym Exercise Routine – 150 Point Workout From NHS

by Well Polished Brighton, Aug 2019

Fitting in exercise can feel like a real chore but it’s so important, both physically and mentally, that we get some movement in our lives. The NHS has a number of different workouts that you can do in your own home. You can even print off a little poster and pin it up for motivation.

The 150 Point Workout is a series of 6 easy exercises that you do over 24 hours. These exercises are:

  • Star jumps
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Tricep dips
  • Floor taps
  • Side leg raises

Each repetition gets you 1 point. So if you do 25 star jumps, you have 25 points! Break these up over 24 hours until you reach 150 points.

Download and print this really helpful poster, and have a look at the other workouts they suggest to keep you inspired!