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Easy Cleaning Hacks For a Spotless Home!

by Well Polished Chichester, Jan 2020

Don’t let the thought of cleaning send you into a panic. You don’t HAVE to tackle the whole house all at once. And thankfully there are some tried and tested cleaning hacks to ease the pain and help you get through it in no time. This fab little article has some great ideas.

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  1. Have a space for everything – no more dumping things so they’re ‘out of sight’
  2. Use cloud storage to store your papers, and get everything uploaded as soon as it comes in the door
  3. Open letters and packages next to the recycling bin so you can throw the packaging away immediately
  4. Have hampers in bedrooms AND the bathroom
  5. Wipe the shower and mirrors down after each use with microfiber cloth or a squeegee