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Are We Using Too Much Antibacterial ‘Stuff’?

by Well Polished Brighton, Jul 2019

I’ve actually thought this for a while. In a couple of the different countries I’ve lived in I’ve seen an awful lot of people getting sick with things I just never get – tummy bugs mainly. OK, my dog’s been up all night throwing up, but me never. Maybe once in my adult life have I felt a little sick to the stomach. My personal opinion is because I was allowed to dirt, worms, and bugs as a child in the 70’s. Sure we used soap but I definitely didn’t see any antibacterial gel while I was growing up. So I was so happy to come across this podcast and really enjoyed it. I hope you do too. Whichever way you sway, it’s really interesting.

How the Hygiene Hypothesis Works – by Stuff You Should Know
‘In the early 90s, a new study that found that kids who are exposed to more germs early in life are less likely to develop allergies later. With the West in the grip of a full-blown immunity crisis (still going on today), this was an interesting thought.’

I love their podcasts