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Add Exquisite Style to Your Home – EASY tips from the PRO’s!

by Well Polished Brighton, Jun 2018

Don’t have time for a complete renovation? You can still add style to your home with these fab (and easy!) decorating tips from the pros:

  1. Decorative wallpaper borders – in a huge number of colours and styles, a wallpaper board will add interest to your walls without the need to fully paint or cover the entire wall.
  2. Add a throw rug – even if your room is carpeted, you can still add a unique, colourful, or interesting scatter rug to jazz up a room. Consider hanging one for the wall for a different type of art piece!
  3. Put up a window valance – you may think these are a bit old-fashioned, but they certainly don’t have to be! Create a pretty window with a variety of modern or traditional styles.
  4. Be organised – keep your home organised and uncluttered and it will look more comfortable and stylish.
  5. Install a new ceiling light or add a new lamp – create a different mood with a new decorative ceiling lamp to create a beautiful focal point. Or consider a stylish floor or wall lamps to create a lovely mood.
  6. Add colour throughout – there’s no need to paint your home to incorporate a bit of colour. You can do it with towels, throws, cushions, duvet covers…the ideas are endless!
  7. Paint cabinets – it’s easy to give new lease or a different look to your wooden cabinets with a number of styles to choose from bright, contemporary, antique, chic!
  8. Decorate your walls – You can hang just about anything, from paintings, photographs, canvas art, candle sconces, small rugs, or even framed postcards!
  9. Swap out your light switch covers for something more snazzy.
  10. Upgrade your door handles  – many new styles to choose from and it’s not too complicated to change them.
  11. Consider adding candles, vases or other centrepieces to tables and sideboards – cluster candles together on a decorative plate, use a bright vase with lovely fresh flowers. Google for many more ideas!

Not all home makeovers require a contractor and thousands of pounds. If you have a bit of time this weekend, now’s the perfect time to get started with these great ideas.