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The Cleaning Playlist

by Rachel Pendleton, Nov 2018

Everyone knows that the right music can get you in the mood for almost anything and even spur you on in a time of need. Whether it be some motivational beats to help you with that last rep in the gym or some relaxed and chilled tunes for a long journey, music always helps. And cleaning is no different! Here are the best songs to listen to while cleaning:

  • I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor – Arctic Monkeys

This British indie classic will have you playing guitar with your broom! If you’ve heard it, you’ll know it’s a fast paced, post-punk jam that is perfect for a quick clean!

  • Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars

A modern classic that will make you feel so good about cleaning that it won’t even feel like work anymore! We’d recommend having this on your playlist for when you want to clean a large space, so you have quite enough room to strut your stuff with the hoover!

  • Crazy In Love – Beyoncé

You knew that Queen B would be on this list. A study conducted by Dr Beckmann revealed that this is actually the song Brits listen to the most while cleaning. It’s hardly surprising. The beat syncs up perfectly to the most efficient way to wipe down a countertop (or so we like to think!)

  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

80’s pop princess Cyndi Lauper must’ve recorder and performed this song with the sole intention of making generally mundane and boring tasks more, well, fun! This pop ballad will have you scrubbing stains as if it’s something you’ve wanted to do all your life!