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Organization tips for pantries and cabinets

by Sarita Gill, Jun 2019

Can you never find lids to tupperware containers? Do you open cupboards and things fall to your feet? Do you have tinned food that you haven’t seen in years? 

We all aim to organise our kitchen cupboards and drawers but how long does it last?…..if anything like my household, after 2 weeks were back to where we started. Lids that don’t fit, Food mixed with condiments and open treats & sweets.

Sound familiar? Here’s some tips that can help you get some organisation in the best room in the house.

  1. Keep Tupperware lids with their boxes
  2. Maximize space by hanging hooks on the inside of doors
  3. Put in shelves or buy multi stands so you can place things underneath and on top for more storage.
  4. Use storage boxes with labels for different items such as sweets, biscuits, pasta etc
  5. Get a Lazy Susan for all your species
  6. Organise cooking tools by type – easier to find things when cooking certain dishes
  7. Place dividers in drawers to help keep things in place 

Or final tip 

  • Get someone in to help you organise the kitchen so you don’t have to!