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Organising your Workspace

by Rachel Pendleton, Oct 2018

It is often said that a cleaner workspace leads to more productive work life. However, many of us simply forget or don’t have time to do this very simple yet effective task. Here is how to clean up your workspace the right way:

  • Toss the rubbish: If there is any rubbish (bottles, wrappers, etc) cluttering up your desk, begin by chucking them in the bin. Try to fit this in every week.
  • Disinfect your desk: Keep a packet of wipes or disinfectant spray on hand to deal with any spillages quickly or long term grime that’s built up.
  • Fun with files: Many people won’t admit to it, but everyone enjoys organising their files. Be it alphabetically, colour co-ordinated or in a different fashion, organising can be very therapeutic and keep you working productively.
  • Scan your documents: Paper clutter probably makes up the majority of clutter in your workspace. Scan your documents in a printer and keep them in your computer rather than on your desk.
  • Dealing with distractions: If you find yourself constantly on your phone and it starts affecting your work, maybe consider put it in a drawer under lock and key until your work is done.
  • Eating habits: Mixing work with dinner can be a recipe for disaster; it makes you subconsciously believe that your workspace is a place for eating, rather than working. Eat in the kitchen or just somewhere other than your desk.