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Bolton Wanderers enter into partnership with University of Bolton

by Rachel Pendleton, Oct 2018

Representatives of Bolton Wanderers have announced a new partnership with the University of Bolton. The stadium, which was formerly refered to as The Reebok & The Macron, will now be called the University of Bolton Stadium.

Obviously everyone came to the conclusion that this name was too much of a mouthful and the consensus is that it will be known as the acronym UBOL.

The chairman of the club, Ken Anderson, said he was “extremely proud” of the “strategic long-term partnership” with the local university.

The trotters will now be able to train at Bolton One facilities; previously used by England Athletics.

This news comes around the same time of a potential Middle Eastern party buying the club up from Anderson for close to his asking price of £25 million.

Could these changes be what are needed to turn the corner and put an end to Bolton Wanderers recent misfortune? We will have to wait and see.