The Well Polished head office

by admin, May 2016

We’re so proud of our newly refurbished office that we thought we’d share it with you all! Our new training room table and teal coloured chairs are finally set up – all ready for the first training session of 2016 for new franchisees, starting this week!

We’ve also got our relaxed sofa area for potential, new and existing franchisees to relax with a coffee and get to know each other.

Our new drinks fridge and hot drink station stands in the corner with a selection of fruit teas, bottled water and soft drinks! AND Sandra’s private office has been given a revamp with a new conference table and desk.

Not only that, but our signage outside the office is FINALLY up so our visitors can clearly see that they’re in the right place.

It’s almost enough to make Monday mornings bearable!