The Parent Trap

by admin, Aug 2016

Are you stuck in a Parent Trap?

Many mums today give up their jobs to bring up the family and what a daunting prospect it can be! Especially when they have to go back to work, only to leave their children with somebody else and not to mention the cost of nursery fees!

As a working mum myself, I know only too well how hard it is. I experienced working and juggling the family first hand. My children were very young when I returned to work, and I felt like I missed out on so much in the early days. Simple things like attending school plays, dropping them off and collecting them from the school gates or having a meal prepared and ready for them on the table when they returned home. All of these things were impossible and life was just one big rush.

I was totally fed up of constantly chasing my tail and I wanted something to fit in around family life. That was when I started Well Polished, the business that gave me the time to spend with my family. By starting the business I finally got to achieve the work life balance I always wanted, and I was always there for my children when they needed me.

I never had to do any of the cleaning myself as my team of cleaners did it for me. I worked from home and managed my own diary AND I got paid in advance every month. I suppose the best thing for me was that I never missed a single thing again when it came to the children.

The business has grown dramatically since then and I am proud to share that we have been able to help lots of other mums in exactly the same situation. Well Polished now operates in locations throughout the UK and Portugal.

If any of this sounds like you…

• You took time out for maternity leave and you are dreading going back to work

• You are looking for something to fit in around the children

• You are currently paying lots of money for nursery fees

• You just can’t face going back to a full time job

• You would love to be able to earn money and still collect the children from school

• You would love to work for yourself

• You are looking for something that pays a regular monthly income

… then call us today and ask us about the Well Polished Franchise opportunity