The E-Book you HAVE to read

by Janine, Jan 2017

Whether you’re an avid reader or not, we believe our e-book is a MUST READ for any budding female entrepreneur.

Back in 2016, Well Polished (with the help of our digital marketing agency, Reckless) brought together 50 successful ‘women in business’ to share their advice on how to ‘make it big’ in a previously male dominated world.

Figures released back in September 16, stated that entrepreneurship – especially female – continues to create new jobs across the North West and beyond. Here at Well Polished, the majority of our franchisees are women – all of whom have built up flourishing businesses – so we’re very proud to hear that the female of the species is growing in the entrepreneur stakes.

Our e-book features so many incredible women… from restaurant owners, bloggers and online merchants to networking experts, fashion gurus and inspirational speakers. It’s free to download and the advice given is invaluable.

As one contributor said; ‘being a woman is the best! Let’s face is ladies, we’re better than blokes at a whole host of things: multitasking, communicating, organising. Oh, and obviously driving. My advise to any budding female entrepreneur is simple: be confident, YOU ARE A WOMAN!’

Click HERE to download ‘The Habits of Successful Female Entrepreneurs’ today and inspire yourself to be your own boss.