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Questionable Cleaning Solutions #4

by Well Polished Telford, Mar 2017

Remember the floor cleaning slippers? And the robotic vacuum cleaner?! Who could forget hairspray on an ink stain! Well, our questionable cleaning solutions report is back with number 4… and this edition is a little different.

Thanks to BuzzFeed , we now have a comprehensive list of lazy cleaning hacks that we’re all guilty of… but that realistically, are actually quite clever! Here’s our faves:

  • Being lazy and leaving the dishes for so long that instead of attempting to wash the crusty food off – you just throw the dish away!
  • Spraying Febreze or the likes around your home rather than actually cleaning it!
  • Dropping food on the floor and rather than cleaning it up – calling your pet to lick it up for you
  • Unloading the dishwasher, finding a dirty dish… ¬†putting it back in and hoping for the best
  • Eating a jacket potato with a spoon rather than wash a fork
  • Spraying perfume on clothes rather than cleaning them
  • Using your own spit + a tissue as a legitimate cleaning solution

Don’t try to deny it guys… we know you’ve definitely¬†committed at least ONE of these cleaning crimes.

Of course, you could always book yourself a Well Polished cleaner and just avoid it altogether!