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Remember the floor cleaning slippers? And the robotic vacuum cleaner?! Who could forget hairspray on an ink stain! Well, our questionable cleaning solutions report is […]

Supposedly intended as a day of rest, Sundays have became more of a source of anxiety and dread for many people. In fact, 76 percent […]

I’m sure we can all relate with the statistic that the average UK family of four does around 250 cycles of washing per year, right? […]

Whether you’re an avid reader or not, we believe our e-book is a MUST READ for any budding female entrepreneur. Back in 2016, Well Polished […]

Here at Well Polished, we think it’s best to be over prepared… especially for big events like Christmas! Aside from booking in your Christmas clean […]

It was another exciting day in head office today with two more franchises joining the team! Nicola at Well Polished Knutsford and Alan and Danielle […]

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