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Yesterday, myself and the rest of the team had an extremely long and tiring day reorganising and improving the Well Polished head office. To tie […]

After months of hard work, our new website is officially live! Back in Summer 2015, our directors made the decision to revamp the company’s look and to make a substantial investment into the future of Well Polished.

There’s nothing nicer to give you that welcome home feeling than arriving home to the family dog. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you have had, a dog will always be pleased to see you! And apparently stroking your dog is one of the most relaxing things you can to do as it can have…

We all want our homes to look luxurious and expensive, but we don’t all have the budget to spend, spend, spend! However, there are some cheap ways to make your home look a million dollars…

Most of us would agree that music makes any task more enjoyable. You only have to browse a music-streaming site like Spotify or Napster to choose from a vast array of playlists for any occasion. Studying, dinner with friends, driving, romantic night in… the list is endless….

We all know that even in a couple of days, things can pile up on a busy week and your once clean house can look like a bombsite. And then you hear the dreaded words… ‘Oh, so and so is just going to pop round’. Yes, the terror of the last minute guest. They’ll be over in 10 minutes and you have no chance of tidying the whole house in that time frame.

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