Going green with your cleaning

by Janine, Jun 2022

We’re all aware of how important it is to protect the environment right now, and whilst we all do our bit with recycling, is it time to start seriously reducing our plastic waste?

UK households use over 70 million cleaning sprays every year, which generates more than 140 million pieces of plastic. Not to mention the bleach bottles, toilet cleaners and other numerous plastic bottles cluttering cupboards up and down the country.

An easy way to reduce your contribution to this mammoth figure is to switch to refillable cleaning products!

These days, there’s endless options out there so to help you out, we’ve compiled our 5 favourite refillable cleaning products:


Method is perhaps one of the most recognisable eco-friendly cleaning brands, and we are big fans here at Well Polished! Their cleaning products are all made with plant-based, biodegradable ingredients, so you won’t be releasing overpowering chemicals (or smells) when you use these.

All their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic (excluding the pumps) and you can buy refills for most of their products, including washing up liquid, cleaning sprays, hand wash and floor cleaner, so you don’t have to buy plastic bottle after plastic bottle. The refills are packaged in plastic but they provide twice the amount you’d get with their standard bottles.


Founded in 1972, Ecover is one of the oldest eco cleaning brands. The brand uses naturally-derived ingredients for their cleaning substances and are vegan friendly too.

Unlike some of the other brands here, their packaging is not yet recyclable, although they claim to be working towards that goal, but they are certainly easy to find in shops, saving on delivery costs and CO2 emissions.


Spruce sells stylish and minimal refillable bottles and refills contained in small compostable packages. You can pop the empty packet in your food waste or cut it up and scatter it onto your garden compost.

The vegan and cruelty-free refillable cleaning sprays are currently available as a multi-purpose spray and a bathroom spray.

Faith in Nature

Affordable and reliable, Faith In Nature stock a wide range of soaps and cleaners. Their plastic packaging is 100% recyclable and thanks to their generously sized refill bottles there is less need for multiple plastic bottles.

Bower Collection

A home-cleaning bundle might not seem like the most exciting new home gift… but the Bower Collective offer stylish refillable glass bottles and a luxurious scent that you’d want wafting through a new home. The cleaning solutions, which are made from 100 per cent naturally derived ingredients and fragranced with essential oils, don’t contain SLS or parabens and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Go green or go home?

If you think it’s time to go green and ditch the endless plastic bottles, why not try one of our recommendations? Your Well Polished cleaner will be happy to trial your new products too!

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