Fight The Sunday Blues

by admin, Oct 2016

We all know that feeling… when Sunday slowly starts to disappear with the hours of the day and the dreaded Monday morning is looming. Sunday was decreed the day of rest, yet many of us spend the tail end of the weekend feeling anxious about the week ahead and dealing with the ‘Smonday’ blues.


Here’s our top tips on overcoming the Sunday evening depression.

  • Make Friday afternoon your new Monday morning.
    We’re all guilty of letting the weekend excitement takeover and ignoring annoying work tasks – but remember, these will be waiting for you on a Monday!  Get the to-do list fully ticked on a Friday before you leave.
  • Clean out your email and organise your space.
    Organisation is the key. Reply to all your emails before the end of the working week and if you don’t have time to get through them all, mark the important ones as ‘unread’. This will remove the worry that they will get lost in the system and make it easier to respond on Monday.
  • Reflect on what you have accomplished that week.
    Don’t focus on what you didn’t do… focus on what you DID WELL. What did you achieve? Be proud of yourself. A positive mental attitude is the best possible way to overcome the stress.
  • Write out your goals and a to-do list for the week to come.
    Planning your tasks for the coming week helps to ease the panic when you’ve got a lot to do. Studies show putting things down on paper instantly make many people feel less stressed.
  • Plan a fun activity for Sunday evening.
    You’re more likely to worry about Monday if you’re sat at home doing nothing on Sunday. Instead, plan something fun that makes Sunday evening something to look forward to.
  • Avoid alcohol.
    While it may seem like a good way to fight the blues, alcohol is a depressant that’s only going to make you feel worse. Try a warm cup of tea instead.
  • Relax before bed.
    Try creating a soothing Sunday night ritual that you can look forward to. And be sure to keep work-related items out of the bedroom so that you can relax properly.