Entertain The Kids (& Work in Peace!)

by Janine, Oct 2016

One of the best things about owning a Well Polished franchise is being able to work from home. But for those franchisees with young children, it’s important to have lots of ideas for entertaining the kids so that working from home doesn’t turn into a nightmare!

We asked our Mumpreneur franchisees for their top tips and this is what they came up with:


  1. If you have the time to plan, a treasure hunt is perfect to keep the kids occupied whilst you reply to your emails. You can spend half an hour in the morning planting all the clues… try and make it doable for them, but hard enough to prolong the distraction!
  2. Cardboard boxes. We all know the irony of buying our children an expensive present and them being more interested in the box it came in!  Get a couple of cardboard boxes, some felt tip pens and sticky tape – and leave them to use their imagination.
  3. On the same thread, craft time can be a winner! Glitter, paint, stickers, pipe cleaners, yarn, beads… but maybe this is one for a sunny day on the patio. Save your kitchen floor!
  4. We all want to cut down on TV for the kids, but sometimes there’s nothing more effective than ‘movie time’. Stick a disney movie on, put the duvet on the sofa, get some popcorn and voila! You have a free 2 hours to get stuck into that new enquiry!
  5. Kids like to get involved with what mummy and daddy are doing – why not ask the kids to go and come up with some marketing ideas for your business? Ask them to design you a new leaflet. Hone in on their budding entrepreneurial skills!
  6. If your kids have jobs around the house, or ‘chores’, try and get them to complete these whilst you’re doing your work.
  7. If you have a local library, you could head there with your laptop to get some work done whilst the kids pick themselves a new book! Educational and fun!
  8. Play dates! Your child is much more likely to keep themselves entertained if they have a friend over.
  9. If your kids are at school age, do they have any homework to be doing? Could you be sitting together at the kitchen table and both do your work together?
  10. And an obvious one, but if you have very little ones – nap time is the perfect opportunity for getting your business tasks in order!

We believe our franchise is PERFECT for mums who want to build their own income but don’t want the added costs of nursery fees or to miss out on the school run etc. If you’re a mum and think you could be our next Mumpreneur, get in touch today!