Deep Clean V Regular Clean

by admin, Jun 2016

What’s the difference?

We’d all love to have a cleaner for minimum hours per week and have the house sparkling from top to bottom… but there is a big difference between regular weekly cleaning and a deep clean. With your regular clean, you can expect the following:

* Polishing throughout
* Hoovering throughout
* Bathroom clean
* Kitchen clean
* Mopping

Now, that might sound like all you need! But if we look at what you can expect with a ‘deep’ clean, the differences become obvious:

* Polishing throughout – including removal of all ornaments, books, photo frames etc. Polishing each item and replacing, clean of inside windows
* Hoovering throughout – including pulling out furniture, hoovering underneath couch cushions, all skirting boards hoovered, heavy curtains hoovered
* Bathroom clean – including full grout clean, buffing of taps and shower head
* Kitchen clean – including wipe down inside and outside of cupboards, clean inside the fridge/freezer, polish all cupboard handles, disinfect kitchen sink
* Mopping – including underneath and behind furniture, wipe down of all skirting boards

Sometimes, clients will ask us why the cleaner didn’t pull the couch out and clean behind it. This is not a job that regularly appears on weekly client’s schedules – which is why we list it as a ‘deep’ clean task. A deep clean (AKA a blitz clean) focuses on getting all the jobs done that don’t necessarily need doing regularly. Luckily, here at Well Polished we offer our client’s an initial deep clean to start their contract at no extra agency cost. This means we are able to get your home back to show room condition, and then use your weekly cleans to maintain the standard.

We would recommend that your home requires a further deep clean once every two months or so. Your kitchen cupboards don’t need going over every week like your kitchen floor might… but it’s worth keeping in mind!