COVID:19 – Stay Alert

by Janine, Jun 2020

The past few months have been difficult for everyone. The Covid:19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures have meant that life as we knew it changed significantly. 

Throughout this time, we have been trying to support our existing cleaners and our clients in the best way possible, for each individual’s circumstances.  For some, this meant pausing their service and for others, they needed it now more than ever!  This is why we have always maintained that any decision to restart the service is down to the relevant client and cleaner respectively. 

Due to the recent relaxation of lockdown measures, we have seen a surge in clients wishing to restart, and cleaners very keen to get back to work. We have also had a big increase in new enquiries.

Not only are we now all looking to return to a sense of normality, but the past few months have shown just how important regular cleaning is. 

It is actually very easy for our cleaners to maintain the safe social distancing rules when attending their cleans, however, to help ease any concerns we have produced the following infographic:

As always, the decision to restart your service with us is yours. But hopefully, this information will help you when you are ready.

Equally, if you have been considering booking a cleaner with us, this infographic should help with keeping safe!


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