10 Everyday Items You Didn’t Know Needed Regular Cleaning

by Janine, Jun 2024

Keeping a clean home is essential for maintaining a healthy living environment. While most people focus on the obvious tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, there are many everyday items that often get overlooked. These items can harbour dirt, bacteria, and grime if not cleaned regularly. Here are ten everyday items you didn’t know needed regular cleaning and tips on how to clean them.

1. Remote Controls

Remote controls are some of the most frequently touched items in our homes. They can accumulate a surprising amount of dirt and germs. To clean them, remove the batteries and use a disinfectant wipe or a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Pay special attention to the buttons and crevices.

2. Light Switches

Light switches are high-touch surfaces that can gather grime and bacteria. Wipe them down with a disinfectant wipe or a cloth and mild detergent at least once a week, particularly in high-traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are eco-friendly but can get dirty quickly. Machine wash fabric bags weekly and wipe down plastic ones with a disinfectant. Don’t forget to clean the handles, as they can pick up germs from various surfaces.

4. Keys

Keys are carried everywhere and often placed on various surfaces, making them prone to picking up dirt and germs. Clean them by soaking in a bowl of soapy water for a few minutes, then scrub with a brush. Dry thoroughly to prevent rust.

5. Purses and Wallets

Purses and wallets are frequently handled and can collect germs from different places. Clean the exterior with a disinfectant wipe and regularly empty and wipe down the inside. For fabric and leather items, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

6. Mobile Phones and Tablets

Mobile phones and tablets are touched constantly, making them magnets for germs. Clean them daily with a microfiber cloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant wipe designed for electronics. Avoid getting moisture in the ports.

7. Computer Keyboards and Mice

Computer keyboards and mice can become dirty quickly, especially if you eat at your desk. Turn off your computer and use compressed air to remove debris from the keyboard. Wipe down the keys and mouse with a disinfectant wipe at least once a week.

8. Toothbrush Holders

Toothbrush holders can accumulate water and toothpaste residue, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean them once a week by soaking in hot, soapy water and scrubbing away any residue. Rinse and dry thoroughly before replacing your toothbrushes.

9. Shower Curtains and Liners

Shower curtains and liners can develop mold and mildew over time. Wash fabric shower curtains in the washing machine with a bit of detergent and white vinegar. Wipe down plastic liners with a disinfectant or replace them every few months to keep your bathroom fresh.

10. Houseplant Leaves

Houseplant leaves can collect dust, which can interfere with their ability to photosynthesize. Gently wipe the leaves with a damp cloth every couple of weeks to keep them clean and healthy. This helps the plants breathe better and improves the air quality in your home.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating these often-overlooked items into your regular cleaning routine can help you maintain a healthier and more hygienic living space. Regular cleaning not only extends the lifespan of these items but also contributes to a more pleasant and safe home environment. So next time you’re cleaning, don’t forget to give these everyday items some attention too. Happy cleaning!

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