How to clean your oven

by Jason Campbell, Nov 2020

Cleaning your oven can be one of the most daunting, however one of the most rewarding if done properly. Paul Bristow, executive director of built in cooking at GE Appliances, recommends cleaning your oven thoroughly at least every three to six months, however he also recommends doing smaller spot-cleans throughout the month. While this may seem like a lot, a cleaner oven will lead to tastier and healthier food.

Here is the step by step guide on how to clean your oven to sparkling perfection:

  1. Remove all oven racks and excess food

Take out all of the oven racks and use a dishcloth or paper towel to scrap the larger, burnt pieces of food from the oven. Make sure the oven is completely cool when you begin.

2.   Oven cleaning solution

The tried and tested solution with which to clean your oven has to be baking soda. Mix around half a cup of baking soda with water until it forms a thick paste. Then, spread this paste along the bottom of the oven. 

It may also be a good idea to add a small amount of vinegar to your baking soda and water mixture for a slightly more effective cleaning solution, however this is entirely optional.

3.   Leave the mixture to rest

Allow this mixture to sit overnight

4.   Cleaning the oven racks

Place the oven racks in a bath of very hot water and washing powder. Leave them overnight and in the morning give them a good scrub.

5.   Cleaning the oven glass

Easily the most satisfying part of the whole process; use your baking soda and water mixture on the inside and allow to sit for half an hour. After this time has passed, use a cloth to wipe it off.

6.   Cleaning the stovetop

Another relatively easy step, mix together a tablespoon of salt, baking soda and water and scrub. Wipe clean after fully scrubbed. 

7.   The next morning

Use a damp cloth to wipe away the dried paste. You can even use a scraper or a spatula to remove the tougher areas of paste.

Your oven should now be nice and clean and ready for the next challenge you choose to throw its way. Check back again in another three months to see if it may need another spruce up!