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The unexpected benefits of having a domestic cleaner

by Crista Sanderson, Apr 2018

There are many reasons to have a domestic cleaner at home. But one of the biggest advantages is all the time you save. A recent survey found the average woman spends over 18 hours a week on housework, not just cleaning. That’s a lot of time. What else could you do with it?

Become fluent

What about learning French, Spanish or German?

Learning a new language is a dream many of us have. Imagine going on holiday and speaking like a native. Think how much more you could get from the holiday if you could chat to the locals. Then there’s the benefit to your health. Studies show that being bilingual is good for you. You may even ward off Alzheimer’s disease by keeping your mind active and exercising new parts of your brain. The US Foreign Service Institute lists Spanish, French and German as the easiest to learn. According to their research, your 18 hours a week is enough to be fluent in 6 months! Magnifique!

Run a marathon

Fancy something more active? What about training for a marathon? When you think about how the marathon tradition started, it is a wonder it caught on. History tell us that the first man to run a marathon shouted ‘nike’ at the finish line and promptly died. No, he wasn’t sponsored by a famous trainer brand! Nike meant victory in Greek, and he was reporting that a war had been won.

Since that time we’ve learned a lot about training and equipment. It is still a big achievement, but you are highly unlikely to die. Instead, you get the to enjoy the famous runner’s high. And bragging rights. You can also do great things for charity. And as for your health – well runners gain loads of health benefit.….what’s stopping you?

Read 100 Novels

Pounding the streets not your thing? If your idea of a good time involves a sofa and a good book, it may surprise you to know that you could read 100 novels a year! On average it takes 10 hours of actual reading to complete a 300 page novel. So your housework is worth almost 2 novels a week. Who knows where that will lead? You might even write your own novel (after all, you’ve got the time!)

Train to be a yoga teacher

They say that a clean and tidy home is great for your spiritual development. In fact, for the Japanese, cleaning and tidying is an important spiritual practice. So what if your clean and tidy home inspired you to spend your time training to become a yoga teacher? With your 18 hours a week you could become fully qualified in 6 months.

Become a world expert – in anything

OK. So, you’re already a voracious reader with a running habit and a thriving yoga practice on the side? You need a new goal, something to stretch you. Well why not become a world expert? Imagine the life. BBC Breakfast are on the ‘phone – they want to you to join them on the sofa to comment on global events. The world hangs on your every word. Your books are best-sellers. Presidents and Prime Ministers ask your advice. All you have to do to make it happen is keep your domestic cleaner for 10 years. Spend the time you save on studying your specialist subject. And there you are – an expert! At least that’s according to Malcolm Gladwell.

Or do your own thing

But maybe that’s all a bit much. Whatever you do with your time, doing it in a clean and tidy home makes it that much better. Give us a call and ask about our domestic cleaning service. You never know where it might lead…!