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More time to shop at Oxford’s New Westgate Centre

by Crista Sanderson, Dec 2017

October saw the opening of Oxford’s brand new Westgate Centre with more than 60 shops and restaurants !

A Poem from a Westgate Guest

From the terrace on high

Where the views please the eye,

To the various levels below,

There’s a splendid array

Of goods on display –

The best that Oxford can show!


The Westgate’s designed

To help you to find

Quickly the shops that you need:

Escalators galore,

Lifts to each floor,

And signage that’s easy to read.


A feature inspired,

And widely admired,

Is the glass canopy on top.

Come snow or come rain,

We’ll visit again

And keep dry as we browse and we shop!


If it’s peckish you feel

For a snack or a meal,

Or a nibble taken in haste,

From top floor to ground

Cafés, restaurants abound:

There’s something to suit every taste.


Basic items we all use,

Luxury goods to banish the blues,

Bookshop, bakery, boutique,

Jewellery, watches, whatever you seek.

Confectioner and chocolatier

For tasty gifts – you’ll find them here!

Garments in the latest style,

Children’s toys to make you smile,

Games and entertainment fun,

Something here for everyone,

Laptops, ‘phones to keep in touch,

Computer technology and such.

Millinery, footwear, head to toe,

Accessories complete the show.

Lingerie to light your gloom,

Cosmetics, soaps and perfume.

And looking ahead, I’m glad to say,

A Curzon cinema’s on its way!


In this poem I’ve tried to express

Why the Westgate’s such a success!