Cleaning Enquiry

Do you feel guilty asking for a cleaner?

by Diane Kasabov, Aug 2017

We should not feel guilty for needing or wanting help with our housework, life is busy! Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Everyone does it. OK, so not absolutely everyone in your office will have a cleaner but you would be surprised at how many do! Having a cleaner is not reserved for the rich and famous, its simply for anyone who would rather spend their free time with family, and doing more exciting things!
  2. Deep cleaning is difficult. Doing things properly takes time and knowledge and surely this is best left to someone who can dedicate their time to the finer details and be paid to do so.
  3. You work hard. Spending your down-time cleaning the whole house as well as the four million other things you need to do is not resting.
  4. You are providing someone with a job. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing to do? Jobs are pretty hard to come across these days and by hiring a cleaner you are giving someone a job to fit in with their lifestyle.
  5. We need to stop feeling guilty.  Live for the now and try and be happy in the now. Yes if you have credit card debt up to you ears you shouldn’t buy an expensive bag but if you can afford it and you want it why not treat yourself!

So there we have it, Well Polished are here to help!