Cleaning Enquiry

Cleaners, cleaners, cleaners!

by Diane Kasabov, Aug 2017

Our cleaners are one of the most important aspects of our agency. They are the face and voice of Well Polished within clients homes and most definitely need to provide a high standard of service; whether this be cleaning, ironing, changing the bedding, washing the dishes or even peeling the potatoes ready for tea!

We like to provide a reliable, high standard cleaning service here at Well Polished and a lady who has done just that is our fantastic Lyndsay Worden. Cleaners like Lyndsay are gold dust! She has received nothing but glowing reviews and we have now found her perfect job housekeeping for a family close to home.

We have a strong recruitment process and are currently looking at introducing a ‘trial clean’ for our new cleaners. This would mean clients ‘lending’ their home for 2 hours and completing a feedback form. Who wouldn’t want a half price clean for filling in a form?!