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10 ways to keep the colds away

by Diane Kasabov, Jan 2018

Its that time of year; unfortunately someone you know, work or live with will have a cold, cough or worse! So, what can we do to keep the germs at bay in our homes? Here are our top 10 tips-

– Regularly disinfect high traffic areas- such as door handles, kitchen sides, family entertainment centers, taps etc.

– Clean phones and toys regularly- you’d be surprised how much bacteria reaches these areas!

– Store your toothbrush properly- by this we mean rinsing it with hot water and storing it upright and not led on a surface where it might come into contact with more germs.

– No shoes in the house- your shoes go everywhere you go and can walk all sorts through your house. Make a new family rule, shoes off at the door!

– Wash your bedding once a week- this can be a pain, especially if you have 4+ beds in your house! But, we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and it does stop the germs from spreading.

– Make hand washing fun- its important for us to wash our hands before eating, after using the bathroom, after playing outside, after coughing/sneezing and this can be boring for children. So make up a hand washing song or tell silly jokes whilst doing it to make hand washing fun for the whole family!

– Don’t put the heating too high- although its freezing outside at the moment and having a warm cosy house is desirable, having your house too hot is a recipe to grow and spread germs. A house should be kept between 19-23 degrees, if your cold put another layer on and get cosy under a blanket.

– Wash your clothes regularly- this is important to remove dead skin cells and germs.

– Wash bath toys weekly- you’d think bobbing around in warm soapy water would mean bath toys keep clean, however they quite often grow mold very quickly with the damp environment they live in and if you have young children who put the toys in their mouths- recipe for disaster! Soak in hot water with washing up liquid and scrub if necessary.

– Pay attention to the kitchen- regularly wipe down kitchen sides, cupboard handles, chopping boards, kitchen sinks, fridges and the rest to remove bacteria build up.