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Winter’s coming soon… but don’t sit around in doom and gloom!

by Jackie Macdonald, Oct 2017

To make a house a home this coming Winter, keep your house bright and warm amongst the long, dark and gloomy days approaching. Thanks to
here are just a few of the many tips and tricks to keep comfort within your home and help to fight the frost this Winter!

Tip #1

Be Bright with Colours
Bold choices of colour tend to be seen as a brave choice, but adding some bright colours in the main living areas, such as a strip of bright green in the kitchen or a bright red wall in the living area, can really brighten the house and your mood. If you are hesitant to change your wall colour then focus on decor, such as brightly coloured curtains or furniture to add a pop of colour.

Tip #2

Fill your House with Summer Scents
Floral scents such as rose, jasmine or magnolia will remind you of those bright Summer days. Even buying flowers to position around the house will act as a reminder for Spring and Summer adding colour, scent and vibrancy into your home.

Tip #3

Warm Yourself Up by The Fire
It can be tempting to simply turn up the dial on the central heating, rather than to go through all the effort of starting and maintaining a fire. However, getting that fire blazing will provide you with natural warmth and light that will get the whole family gathering together to seek comfort from the fire.

Tip #4

Use lights!
Probably the most obvious tip is to use more lights around your home, using fairy lights and lamps will help brighten up the room as the days quickly get dark. Be cleaver with lighting, if you position LED lights behind a recess you can create the illusion of natural light (if you opt for a warm light).

These are just some of the many tips out there to help maintain happiness and cosiness within your home. Although, having a cleaner keep the house neat and tidy may be a place to start.