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6 ways to make your bedroom look more expensive and luxurious

by Rosanna Relton, Jul 2018

Your bedroom should be your haven, we’ve been discussing this at Well Polished Bath today and we’ve come to the conclusion that we’d like ours to look more hotel-like and almost an escape from the outside world. We’ve come up with some helpful tips to make yours look more expensive and luxurious…

  • Try a tray – we can all keep our bedrooms super tidy but there are just some items on our dressing table and bedside tables that we can’t keep hidden. Try a beautiful tray instead to keep them organised and also add some elegance to the room.


  • Add some plants – a dash of the green stuff is a must in an expensive hotel room, find a plant that you know you can keep alive, like a succulent or an orchid (for the green fingered), put it in a metallic pot and set on the windowsill or dressing table.

  • Check the drapes – full length curtains instantly make any room look more expensive and luxurious, try raising the curtain rail nearer to the ceiling to give the full effect.

  • Choose a standout headboard – a headboard with impressive height in a fabric like velvet will definitely create a hotel like feel, don’t be afraid to go for a bold colour such as a soft pink or emerald green.

  • Add a stylish chair or seating – if you have a spare corner or room at the end of the bed, a statement armchair or ottoman will create a luxurious feel and also more space to read a book or a storage space for all those throw cushions!

  • Be clever with mirrors – lining an alcove with a full mirror will add space and light to the room, matching mirrors above each bedside table will also give symmetry and a designed feel to the room.

Happy Decorating!