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10 Interior Tips for Apartment Living

by Rosanna Relton, Feb 2018

In the city of Bath we are lucky to have such grand properties, with large windows, beautiful high ceilings and period features – many of which have been converted into fabulous apartments. Apartment living has fast become a lifestyle choice, not just a necessity, and who could blame us? If the central location doesn’t sell it to you, the lower upkeep costs (not to mention cheaper to clean!) will do it for those of us more efficiently inclined. Whether you have a studio flat or are blessed to own a more palatial affair, these 10 tips will have it feeling luxurious and homely in no time.


  1. Lighten up – Go light with paint and wall coverings – nothing makes a space feel smaller than dark colours. Softer tones will make any room seem larger and brighter.


  1. Make use of the corners – whether it’s an occasional chair or a standard lamp it makes the room more liveable and takes away the generic apartment furniture feel, it can also create a great reading nook.


  1. Fake it ‘til you make it – in Bath you more than likely have large, light welcoming windows but for the rooms that may have been robbed of these, don’t be afraid to hang long curtains as if there were long windows behind them. This will give the illusion of longer windows and feel much more luxe than shorter, waist height alternatives.


  1. Match the drapes – Curtains or blinds that blend with the wall coverings will create a clean line, making the room feel larger and cheating a professional design feel.


  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall – The bigger the mirror, the better. Large, particularly antique mirrors bring a feeling of decadence and also bounce light around the room, creating an illusion of more space.


  1. Be our guest – dinner parties are still a thing right? If you have the space, go for a larger dining table, aim for 6 seats instead of 4 and if you have the space for 8 then even better! Larger tables exude grandeur and double as great entertainment space.


  1. Add layers – sometimes rectangular spaces can lack depth, adding layers to your room can help with this. Add rugs, cushions, blankets and don’t be afraid to go for an unusual print against a plainer background. Alternatively layer similar colours with contrasting textures for added style points.


  1. Lighting is key – warm lighting is a must, it’ll make you feel cosy in the Winter months and give your space a homely feel even if you go for an ultra modern look, it’s all in the bulbs!


  1. Outside in – If you’ve not got any outdoor space, bring the outside in with potted plants, again bigger is better, we’re not talking a rainforest but a large, leafy green plant with breathe life into any room.


  1. Invest, Invest, Invest – If there is a stunning investment piece of furniture that you have to have – buy it! As long as it fits in the space and you can complement it with other pieces, it will be worth it. It’ll be a talking point for house guests and it will give back to you every time you see it. Never underestimate the power of good taste* and good craftsmanship.


*Not everyone has this – check with friends and relatives first!