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Meet the new love of my life “Zoflora”

by Sandra Venables, Sep 2018

10 tips for using Zoflora

  1. Pop a drop down your loo and leave it over night, this will disinfect your loo and make it smell fresh too.
  2. Take some kitchen towel soak it in some Zoflora, then wipe down your radiators and lights (when the heating comes on the room will smell amazing)
  3. Pop a small cap full into washing machine with your towels.
  4. Use in your steam cleaner to clean floors.
  5. Mix it with some water, pop it in a spray bottle and use it on your surfaces.
  6. Pop a cap full down your sink and have great smelling drains
  7. Great on skirting boards to make your room smell fresh.
  8. Make a diffuser for your room, find a nice jar or maybe an old diffuser not in use, pop in some oil and a capful of Zoflora (Linen fresh smells amazing)
  9. Fill sink with hot water and a drop Zoflora before you go to bed, then soak all your cleaning cloths in the sink, wake up the following morning to your clothes disinfected and also your home will smell amazing too.
  10. Pop a small drop in the water when ironing