How to fake clean your house

We all know that even in a couple of days, things can pile up on a busy week and your once clean house can look like a bombsite. And then you hear the dreaded words… ‘Oh, so and so is just going to pop round’. Yes, the terror of the last minute guest. They’ll be over in 10 minutes and you have no chance of tidying the whole house in that time frame.

The Coronavirus has taken hold of the whole World and everyone is equally as concerned in these uncertain times. As a company, we’ve been working […]

Flowers too short for the vase. Scrunch up the clear cellophane they came wrapped in and pop it in the bottom of the vase. Baby […]

Shrunk your clothes? Fix your shrinking disasters by adding the item to a bowl full of warm water containing a capful of baby shampoo or […]

Bras A good bra can make all the difference to your appearance and confidence. Hand washing is best – pour specialist delicate fabric detergent into […]

1. Don’t skimp on the sun cream A full-body application for the typical adult is 35ml. That’s seven teaspoons: one for the head and neck, […]

Hair dye is one of the tougher stains to remove. Act quickly using the tips below. Always test a cleaning solution in an out-of-the-way spot […]