COVID:19 Cleans

The Coronavirus has taken hold of the whole World and everyone is equally as concerned in these uncertain times. As a company, we’ve been working […]

Millions of households with open fires and wood-burning stoves could face curbs on their use after the government unveiled plans to clean up the UK’s air quality. […]

We love homes that embrace all seasonal celebrations, and that definitely includes Halloween. Who doesn’t love the autumnal colours or the odd bat and spider! […]

Gloucester Cathedral With no entry fees and 365 days-per-year open, Gloucester Cathedral is certainly a favourite of both tourists and residents alike. The staff are […]

Thanks to ‘FindingBeautyMe’, we now know that according to one study, 33% of women made an admission of never having cleaned their purse (we’re with […]

Hallelujah! According to, there’s several household chores we can do that can burn up to 100 calories! Imagine – burning your morning slice of […]