Quarter 3 Cleaner Awards!

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July, August and September have been fantastic months for Well Polished Chester – with over 5 new members joining the team and over 35 new clients signing up for our 5* cleaning services! The average attendance throughout the team was 97% with only one or two members falling below 95%. We’ve had some brilliant feedback […]

With the overwhelming demand for Well Polished territories ever increasing, there has been a surge in existing franchisees securing their SECOND territory before they are all sold! Katie in Southend-on-Sea set the trend a few months back when she put a deposit down on the territory adjacent to her… and since then, several others have […]

This month, we’ve sat down with Hannah who runs our Southampton franchise and asked her some questions about her experience with Well Polished. As one of our most successful new starters this year with an extremely high conversion rate, we were keen to hear her thoughts! 1.What made you decide to buy a Well Polished […]

Who would have thought a fairly bland green sofa could end up featuring in over 30 photos!? When our franchisees come for training, we take their photograph for their webpage and I can assure you, it was totally unplanned that all these photos took place on one of our breakout area sofas. People tend to […]

Here at Well Polished, we don’t stop caring about our franchisee’s success once they’ve left training. And when you buy a Well Polished franchise, you can expect heaps of support from head office – continuing well after the initial few months. Part of this ongoing support we offer is the ‘3 months reviews’ or ‘day […]

Britain is one the wealthiest countries in the world. Responsibility for this wealth comes down to a variety of situational and historical factors. One of the biggest factors though is its people. From driving the growth of global corporations to developing new technologies that have revolutionised the world’s societies, the UK is full of talented […]

Have you ever wondered if you’re getting enough sleep? Or maybe even having too much?! Thanks to Forbes.com, we can take a look at the sleep habits of highly successful people and compare their stats to our own… and we for one are surprised by the results! According to their study, the largest percentage of […]

This month, we’ve grabbed Ashleigh (one of the company trainers) to ask her a few questions about her experience running a franchise, and what it’s like to train the newbies! What is your favourite part of training? The lovely Lunch!… (Jokes) I enjoy day 3 where we get to show the franchisees WP Manger, it’s […]

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